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I decided to wrote a blog about my views on the CIPR Chartered Practitioner scheme.

This has been inspired by a recent blog conversation I  had with one of the newest Chartered Practitioner, Stephen Waddington, on his blog and by a response I had from CIPR CEO Jane Wilson.

On Stephen’s blog “Two-Way Street” he discusses the importance of the Chartered Practitioner status and his own path to achieving it http://wadds.co.uk/2013/02/06/achieving-chartered-status/

I asked how many media managers from small local authorities have achieved it in comparison to large corporations or central government and whether that said the status was not democratic but elitist.

Stephen questioned the use of the term ‘elitist’ and I responded as follows:


I am not questioning the need for a rigorous standard but that everyone has an equal chance to succeed when they apply.

Not everyone can be an Olympic gold medal winning swimmer but if everyone has access to swimming pools they could be.

The CIPR is saying that they want everyone to attain the status.

It says ‘each individual’s achievements will be assessed within the context of current and previous roles and the organisations worked with.’


I asked the same question during a recent twitter chat with CIPR CEO, Jane Wilson.


CA: Chartered practitioner. How do we keep it challenging but not so hard only those at the top of the profession can achieve it? 

So can the status be both for everyone to aspire to but aimed at those in leadership roles?
In order to test this out I have decided to see if I can apply to take the third and final stage of the exam again. I will write in due course with how things went.



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