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CIPR Presidential Election

And it’s off.

The starting pistol has been fired and we have had our first hat in the ring to become the 2014 CIPR President.

Because last year’s electoral result had to be cancelled in unusual circumstances whoever becomes the 2014 president will have less time to be the 2013 Vice-President and to learn about the job.

Hopefully whoever also decides to join the hustings will have a history of working within the CIPR and being part of committees, regional groups, sectoral groups and the national council as they have already lost 25% of the year to get up to speed.

One of my interests re the professional side of my career is improving the diversity within the industry so my eyes lit up when I saw the following from our first presidential candidate.

“Support the work of the CIPR diversity group and actively engage with school and college students, and the wider public, about public relations as a profession that fully represents the wider community it serves.”

As you know next Jan we will have both a new CIPR President and CIPR CEO and I am keen that  any momentum built by the Diversity Working Group  2013 carries on into 2014. It is good that the importance of the work carried out by the DWG has already been recognised.

I will be looking out for other manifesto promises over the elections and I hope whoever gets in will give the diversity campaign real support and more importantly will get involved.


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