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The future of the CIPR

As many of you will know, from Tuesday, eligible members of the CIPR will be able to vote for the person who will be the 2014 CIPR President.

Don’t worry. This will not be a personal opinion piece which turns out to be a plug for one of the candidates.

This is about actually casting your vote.

As a members organisation the role of the various CIPR volunteers, up to and including the President, is vitally important. For all their hard work, the CIPR staff are responsible for implementing the decisions and supporting the work of of the members via elected volunteers.

These elected people are responsible for setting the course of the CIPR.

At this stage there will be a collective ‘tell me something I didn’t know’ from those reading this.

The issue is that of the 7882 members eligible to vote last time less than 9% actually did. That’s only 692 valid votes.

Over the coming years there are many issues the PR industry meeds to face. From social media to evaluation to diversity and moving from an industry to a profession.

The CIPR will look at these issues and will make a stand and drive activity to tackle these matters.

The CIPR and the President needs a mandate to ensure that there is sufficient buy-in from the members. There are approx 10,000 CIPR members and roughly 60,000 people involved in PR in the UK. That just over than 1% of the UK PR industry voted in the last Presidential election is a real indictment of the current level of engagement

If people are not involved and voting what message is that sending out out?

We currently have a election in which one side is making all the running and the other side is very quiet in comparison.

Despite this, it is important to think about your vote and where to cast it. Read the various posts and Q&As the candidates have been involved in. Read the role of the President below to become more familiar with the position.

What could the candidates bring to the 2014 presidency? What does the CIPR mean to you? What do you want from your CIPR in the years to come.

Never has a silent majority needed to stand up and be counted.

Role of the CIPR President


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