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Synchronicity – or why “Chartered Public Relations; Lessons from Expert Practitioners” has won me over.

Synchronicity is, as Jung described it, is when two or more events have meaningful coincidence rather than having a causal link.
Don’t worry that is as far as my understanding of Jung goes but it does describe the last few days of my life.
I put  a day or so per week to one side so I can get up to date with either reading or study with regards to PR. This is quite easy to do when you are looking for work but want your skills to stay relevant.  I settled own and started catching up on my reading from the following handbook, “Chartered Public Relations; Lessons from Expert Practitioners”
If you are not familiar with this recently published book, it is a collection of essays from those people who have been fortunate enough to have earned recognition as Chartered PR practitioners.
This particular essay was by Susan Fox on the subject of Freedom of Information.
Working in the public sector both in the UK and Canada, I was familiar with FoI requests and it was great to read an essay which was not only informative but gave great  advice.
Imagine my shock that three days later, I was having an interview with a company which only 10 days started to received its first ever FoI requests. I was able to discuss my own experiences and views with a greater level of  confidence as a result of reading the chapter.
So imagine my surprise when the next chapter began with one of my  real interests in PR – professionalism.  Or to be more specific global accreditation or the apparent lack of recognition of qualifications across borders. A conversation that only a few days beforehand I had corresponded with colleagues across the world about!
Coincidence maybe …  but it has made this book required reading, at least for me!


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