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Introducing … The Global Capabilities Framework

A few years ago, PR was having a credibility issue.

An attempt by the CIPR to develop a Chartered PR status had not captured the imagination of practitioners, while the PRCA said that talk of a PR profession belongs to the 1950s and we should concentrate on being professionals.

It was in this climate, Jean Valin, FCPRS, and the Global Alliance pushed for an ambitious review of PR credentials across the world. The ‘Global Body Of Knowledge’, was an attempt to have a single set of standards and a pool of learning to help steer the world’s PR practitioners both through and throughout their career and to establish PR on a professional footing. To put it another way, the PR industry would be taking a big step to being recognised as a true profession. One that operates on global footing.

Jean said:

“What has been missing so far was a global competencies framework leading to the double down of credential framework and curriculum standards. Since the ‘Global Body Of Knowledge’ project focuses on learning outcomes, we can achieve both goals.”

A year later, Dr Anne Gregory and Dr Johanna Fawkes at the University of Huddersfield, began a two year project to deliver a framework which will help define the competent PR Practitioner of tomorrow

As former Global Alliance chair, Dr Gregory, said when launching the project:

 “This is a significant project that will lay the foundations for professional recognition of public relations and communication management across the world.”

It is easy to underestimate the importance of this major step for the PR profession. PRs from Varanasi to Vancouver to Venice, Bristol to Buenos Aires to Brisbane can develop their careers in the knowledge that their skillsets, expertise and experience will be accepted wherever their career takes them across the world. It would set global standards for CPD and provide employers and recruiters with a definitive statement on what practitioners of professional standing should know.

From a selfish professional perspective, adopting such a standard might also help rid our profession from both the untrained unskilled practitioner who labels themselves as a PR Practitioner but hasn’t invested in the training or has adopted neither the code of conduct or ethics.

And in April 2018, the Global Capabilities Framework for Public Relations and Communication Management was launched in Oslo at the 10th edition of the WPRF – World Public Relations Forum in Oslo, Norway.

To quote the Global Alliance:

“Individual practitioners can use the framework to assess their own capability and potential, and set their own goals. Employers and team leaders can use the framework to understand their team’s existing strengths and identify where training resources need to be committed.  Educators can use the framework as the basis for curriculum development and review.”

So, over to you. The proof of the pudding etc, etc.  It can be viewed here. In addition, there are nine country frameworks, for Australia, Argentina, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA..

For more info check the announcement on the Global Alliance page.


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