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Diversity 2.1: In The Year 2020 (An update)

A year ago, I wrote a blog on the continuing drive to increase the diversity of practitioners in PR.   As I wrote at the time, the push “was no longer about getting fresh talent into the industry but making greater efforts on the issues of Recruitment / Retention / Promotion.”   I concluded that … Continue reading

Community Relations?

Take a complicated issue and make it easy for the majority of people to understand. As a former journalist, that was one of the basic tenets of my trade. I never challenged this, as my colleagues told me that literacy rates in the UK were high (in 2015, 16% of adults were said to have … Continue reading

Where Have All The “GREY HAIRS” Gone?

It was interesting to hear Katie Perrior’ views of her time as No10 Comms Director. But the thing which caught my ear was here critique of the make-up of the Prime Minister’s inner circle. Perrior told the BBC: “Being in the Home Office for such a long time with that being her top team she … Continue reading

Towards diversity in pr

If there was one question I had to grapple with during my time as chair of the CIPR’s Diversity Working Group, it has been how we define the success of our work. Some have said it is all about the numbers. Have we increased the number of practitioners from diverse backgrounds and so changed the … Continue reading

CIPR Presidential Election

And it’s off. The starting pistol has been fired and we have had our first hat in the ring to become the 2014 CIPR President. Because last year’s electoral result had to be cancelled in unusual circumstances whoever becomes the 2014 president will have less time to be the 2013 Vice-President and to learn about the job. Hopefully whoever also decides to join the hustings will have a history of … Continue reading

Cornelius Alexander on the joy of PR

Cornelius Alexander on the joy of PR Online feature profile by Jazz Chappell on my experience in public relations and work with the CIPR’s Diversity Working Group improving the numbers of people from diverse groups who join the profession


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