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What your CV may actually be telling employers

When did you last look at your CV? Was it to add a new entry? Before a job interview? To refresh it for a job application? A fresh coats of paint so to speak. But, when you looked at your CV what did you actually see? Likely, you saw your job history… and only that. … Continue reading

Bell Pottinger: Can PR seize the opportunity to become ‘a profession’?

Without doubt, the PR story of 2017 is the expulsion from the PRCA (and subsequent entering into administration) of Bell Pottinger for its now notorious PR activities in South Africa. Despite initial comments that the problem was solely Bell Pottinger’s (and not the PR industry’s), it quickly became an issue that led to equal parts … Continue reading

Diversity 2.1: In The Year 2020 (An update)

A year ago, I wrote a blog on the continuing drive to increase the diversity of practitioners in PR.   As I wrote at the time, the push “was no longer about getting fresh talent into the industry but making greater efforts on the issues of Recruitment / Retention / Promotion.”   I concluded that … Continue reading

Community Relations?

Take a complicated issue and make it easy for the majority of people to understand. As a former journalist, that was one of the basic tenets of my trade. I never challenged this, as my colleagues told me that literacy rates in the UK were high (in 2015, 16% of adults were said to have … Continue reading

Where Have All The “GREY HAIRS” Gone?

It was interesting to hear Katie Perrior’ views of her time as No10 Comms Director. But the thing which caught my ear was here critique of the make-up of the Prime Minister’s inner circle. Perrior told the BBC: “Being in the Home Office for such a long time with that being her top team she … Continue reading

Global Body Of Knowledge – An important but Herculean task

Ten months ago I published a blog about a project to develop an internationally recognised competency framework for the PR profession. The ‘Global Body Of Knowledge’, is an attempt to have one set of standards and a pool of learning to help steer the world’s PR practitioners throughout their career and to establish PR on … Continue reading

Of small steps and giant leaps – Moving towards a Global Competency Framework

When you tell co-workers that you are a Public Relations professional, what are you actually saying about yourself? That you subscribe to the tenets that make up a profession such as being ethical, have a certain standard of training and adhere to professional standards of practice? That you are an experienced practitioner, who provides strategic … Continue reading

The importance of being Chartered

I recently wrote that in order to improve its standing, Public Relations should let the quality of its work and the professionalism of its practitioners be the factors which drive its reputation and rather than waste energy fighting each and every negative comment. Case in point, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations has recently announced … Continue reading

The Irritation Game

February saw reports from the CIPR and the PRCA that held a mirror to the current state of PR and those who practice it and declared that both were not in the best of health. PRCA’s report looked into the issue of mental illness within the PR industry (a third of practitioners at some time … Continue reading

The truth gap, diversity & PR

The truth gap, diversity & PR A blog on the growing (business) case for diversity within Public Relations


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