Avenges: Infinity War



There are two types of people who will be watching Avengers: Infinity War.
Those who are curious and those who have spent the last ten years watching the 18 different films that have led us to this release. Yes, the thousands of fans who have invested their time in the characters and situations which have made up the various films.

Those who would consider themselves part of the Curious camp, Avengers; Infinity War is the latest in the money spinning genre-redefining Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The key to the success of the MCU is that over the 18 films they have (to various degrees of success) built up a roster of characters who have become complexed and sophisticated. Although the storylines are quite linear they have overlapped with each other to the degree that you miss out a film you are missing some key information which helps inform a later film/films.

Basically miss a film (which includes the post credits scenes) and you are playing catch up in the future.

And this is most evident in Avengers: Infinity war.

Basically, the film does not have time to have a ‘The story so far…’ beginning. Straight from the off you are plunged into the events of a previous film and what happens sets the tone for the next 150 minutes.

The film is surprising nimble in that covers different spatial zones and situations with various groups of superheroes. Knowing the MCU helps you keep track with both the heroes, and their quips deliver both key information /dialogue and nods and winks to those who are familiar with the MCU.

The tension and action are surprisingly effective throughout the film. There is a lot of story and characters to get through whole and the script serves the characters well, delivering laughs and occasions for the chemistry between character to shine through, which is very important for the direction the film takes.

The use of the word ‘War’ is not just to get the pulses racing. It tells you that that characters are expendable and sacrifices will be made. This film is brutal and the much-discussed ending is one whopper of a cliff-hanger.

Most Marvel villains have either been poorly served by the storyline or just reduced to moustache-twirling. In many ways, the best villain was the Red Skull who disappeared at the end of Captain America never to be seen again …

Special mention then goes to Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Thanos, as a complex and sophisticated villain, helps make this movie dramatic. He is not just a villain. He has a Messiah complex driven by the fact that he was actually right in the past and uses that as a basis for his actions since.

Ignore talks of upcoming productions and contracts ending.

Enjoy this film. And if you are a MCU fan you will really enjoy this film.


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