Kingsman: The Secret Service

This is a marmite of a movie.

Three weeks after seeing it I am still not sure whether I like it. Or how much I like it. Or why it is so cool yet unoriginal.

In a nutshell, Matthew Vaughan is trying to make a movie which is a return to the spy films of the sixties with cool Brits Michael Caine, Mark Strong and a deadly Colin Firth playing the dashing adventurers.

Cool, slick, chic and sophisticated but set ‘today’. It looks great and moves really quickly but much like his previous film’Stardust’ there are some elements which jar and belong to another film. The ultraviolence doesn’t fit well and the Chavs on the estate who look like they have stepped out of a Harry Enfield skit.

The big coincidence is that Vaughan’s old partner in crime, Guy Ritchie, is remaking a genuine sixties spy franchise in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” If it looks as good as this film but has a genuine 60s sensibility … it could be a huge hit.  This is a (very good) starter but it is a matter of taste.


TRAILER:  Kingsman: The Secret Service



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